Opt Out

When You Opt Out…

…you are telling us that you do not want us to share any of your information with anyone for marketing purposes. We respect your wishes.

Important: once your mortgage transaction becomes part of the public record, we have no control over other mortgage lenders and/or title agents and realtors using that information for their marketing purposes. It is a common practice across the industry to pull title records for marketing purposes.

How are Opt Out requests handled?

If you have reached this page in response to the OPT OUT notice in your closing disclosures, or for any other reason, we ask that you enter your name, email address, and the name of your loan officer.

We do not maintain a “master list” of clients and contacts, so we must rely upon the information we receive to ensure that individual loan officers remove your information from any future marketing they might do.

When you close a loan with MVB Mortgage, you will receive a series of communications, both email and in print, from your loan officer, via one of our trusted vendors, Loyalty Express. This is the only follow-on marketing we do with our borrowers, honoring the one-to-one relationship your loan officer has worked to build with you. If you choose not to receive those materials, simply use the Unsubscribe/Opt Out link on one of the emails you receive and you will be removed from future distributions.

Questions or concerns about our marketing practices? Send them to marketing@mvbmortgage.com

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