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Building a custom home is often the best path to your perfect home. The thought of building from the ground up, or even starting a renovation to your existing home, can feel a bit overwhelming. You can rely on your MVB Mortgage loan officer to walk you through the process and help make it as smooth and hassle-free as possible.

Our Construction Group, led by Senior Vice President Jonathan Kinard, manages a number of loan programs that provide you with the financing foundation on which to build your dreams:

  • New Construction

  • Tear-Down and Build

  • Bridge

  • Home Purchase + Renovation

  • Renovation

Whether building a primary residence or a vacation home, you will appreciate our in-house processing and flexible underwriting, and your builder will appreciate the timely and efficient draw process that keeps your build on schedule. Let MVB Mortgage be your financial architect.


New Construction
Purchase + Renovation
Tear Down & Build
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Regional Contacts

Construction Group Contacts

DC Metro Area: 571.266.6495

Maryland: 571.266.6502

West Virginia: 304.677.1244

In the Carolinas:

Charleston: 843.200.9830 • 301.466.3705

Charlotte: 704.579.0334 • 704.231.2987 • 304.288.8686 • 704.408.7889

Columbia: 803.622.1679 • 803.920.3051

Greensboro: 336.255.0445 • 336.210.1343 • 336.378.0560

Hilton Head: 609.442.4185 • 301.466.3705

Myrtle Beach: 704.231.7004 • 301.466.3705

Raleigh: 919.291.0139 • 919.771.4688

Supply (Brunswick County & the Surrounding Region): 910.352.6562 • 910.368.6103

Wilmington: 301.466.3705 • 704.589.5264

Construction Loan Servicing Help

Call 844-382-9621 or click here to submit a question.

MVB Mortgage Construction Group